It was quickly identified as an issue by GreenStar Energy Solutions when insulating homes under ECCA grant scheme, that most of the lower income families had some or no curtains in place. Realising this needed immediate attention, funding and resource was acquired by ASB Community Trust and after three months of considerable effort by GreenStar Energy Solutions.  The now fully operational South Auckland Curtain Bank offer a free service to the community, ensuring donated good quality thermal/lined curtains are being distributed to the families in most need.


Aucklanders really are a very generous bunch, donating their pre-loved, unused curtains to us. With the help of volunteers we will then tidy them up and make them ready for purpose. Also generous donations from business donating end of fabric rolls, allowing us to be able to also make curtains. The Curtain Bank’s objective is to assist low income households by providing thermal or lined curtains free of charge. Curtains provide low cost and effective insulation for windows making the home cheaper and easier to heat, especially during the cold winter months.

If you have curtains you would like to donate or if you would like to find out more about receiving free curtains for your home please contact our Curtain Bank Coordinator Paula Johnstone on 0800 789 276 or email curtainbank@greenstarenergy.co.nz

Opening Hours: By Appointment Only


Since our opening in April 2014, we have issued nearly 3500 curtains, they have been distributed to the community, helping over 700 families. We work alongside and have built relationships with over 50 health agencies, this is a vital part of the success at the South Auckland Curtain Bank, to ensure those in the community in need have multiple access points to the Curtain Bank service. We attend to over 30 referrals per month over the colder season.

Manu Vatuvei made mention of donating curtains to us at a Warriors match and it hit ‘The Herald’ which was good for publicity. Also good publicity is to please visit and ‘Like’ our ‘South Auckland Curtain Bank’ Facebook page HERE.

Our Volunteers

We have celebrated volunteers who have completed 200 volunteer hours and also some have had birthday shouts.   This all helps with the making of a good team.

Mangere and Otahuhu local board volunteer award and our picture went into the Auckland Council booklet. This lets the public see first-hand what we have achieved so far, and we think they will be very impressed!


Wall of Appreciation

We have a wall of appreciation for the volunteers and cards that we receive from the public. We issue a feedback completion form. Some of the comments are as follows;

“My house has been cold all winter and having proper curtains means we’ll be warm this winter and many winters to come. Curtains are so expensive so getting free curtains means having a healthy home for me and my three kids”

“Thank you for the great service, this is going to benefit our family by having the warmth retained in the girls bedrooms during the colder months and a better feeling of atmosphere in their daily lives, Thank you”

“A great help, good to finally have curtains in our rooms, they will be a lot warmer and also look and feel homely”.

“These curtains mean a lot to me and my family as we are old, my husband and I know that it would keep us warm during winter. I really appreciate the Curtain Bank for making our curtains. Thank you all so much”.

Keeping Up with Demands

We are keeping up with the demands of referrals from the public and the 50 health agencies we partner with. With our Facebook page and this link with GreenStar Energy Solutions website allows families who browse the web to connect with us.

Caprice Curtain Hardware continue to donate ruffle tape to us, which is also takes the burden off our finances. The Salvation Army Howick Store continue to donate curtains that they haven’t sold. Also Curtain Clinic a cleaning company have donated and cleaned curtains for us, long may these partnerships continue.

As we continue to receive donations from the public, the awareness of what we do streams across the community through word of mouth and advertising and the web.

More words of appreciation

“Very fast, helpful team. The quality is amazing and the time-frame, I was not expecting this type of service it’s wonderful. The curtains mean we will be warmer and well insulated, just happy to have a great set to cheer my kid’s bedrooms and ours, looks fantastic, a huge thank you to everyone”.

“I would be grateful if this email could be forwarded onto the directors/owners of Greenstar Energy Solutions.

I recently made an application to your curtain bank and yesterday collected four sets of beautiful and warm curtains for my home. This is particularly appreciated as my home has very old ill fitting windows with thin old glass. The curtains are for my son’s room, my own and the main living areas.

I understand the curtain bank is run as community service by your business and wanted to pass on my sincere thanks to you for your generosity.

Paula was kind and helpful and has made such great curtains, I am in awe of her skills!”