Did you know?


Between 12-14% of heat loss in a home is lost through an un-insulated floor, and in older style homes the heat loss can be more!

Insulating your underfloor is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to insulate your home. Correctly installed underfloor insulation can also reduce rising damp, as the underfloor insulation helps prevent moisture from penetrating into the house from a damp floor, which helps create a warmer, drier home. Underfloor insulation also has the added benefit of reducing sound on wooden floors and helps eliminate draughts with exposed floorboards.

For more information go to: http://www.autexindustries.com/greenstuf/greenstuf-underfloor


Quality and Workmanship

We know that installing underfloor insulation can be tricky with dirty, tight spaces and can also be dangerous with electrical wiring. Our experienced installers have the equipment and training to be quicker and more effective than DIY.

If your DIY confidence extends only to the easier installation projects, you can adopt a mix and match approach: do the ceiling installation yourself and call on the experts for the rest of the job. That way, you may qualify for the Government’s ENERGYWISE™ grant for the professional part of the installation.

We are proud to state that all our work is carried out by experienced and qualified insulation installers who are full-time GreenStar installer’s not outsourced contractors! We stand by our workmanship 100%, as we have control on the quality assurance of our work.