Did you know?


Eligible rental properties can receive up to 50% subsidies towards the total costs of insulation through the Warm Up NZ: Healthy Homes programme.

Landlords can also insulate their rentals via the council ‘Retrofit Your Home’ programme allowing home-owners to pay off the insulation and other approved energy efficient measures, via their rates over a nine year period.

Insulating your rental property is one of the smartest investments you can make on your home.

A properly insulated rental helps to:

  • Reduce future maintenance costs caused from ongoing mould and damp issues
  • Increase rentable value whilst adding re-sale value
  • Create a healthier living environment for your tenants, which means happier tenants who will stay with you for longer
  • Making your rental comply with the new rental requirements that were announced in June 2015

The Government announced that from 1 July 2016, insulation and smoke alarms will become MANDATORY for all rental properties with a priority focus on social housing to be compliant by July 2016.

From 1 July 2016 the level of insulation in a rental property must be stated in the Tenancy Agreement and will be mandatory for social housing. All other rental properties must be compliant by July 2019.

URGENT NOTICE: This is THE FINAL YEAR OF THE INSULATION SUBSIDIES programme which finishes in June 2018 or earlier if the demand exceeds funding allocations.

Call us today and take advantage of the insulation subsidies to insulate your rental properties. We can help you with information on the subsidy programme and/or the council ‘Retrofit Your Home’ programme.

We can also assist with a range of other energy efficiency improvements to add to the re-sale value of your properties including:

  • Heat pumps
  • Kitchen, bathroom and whole-house ventilation systems
  • LED down-lights
  • Smoke alarms
  • General property maintenance including painting & decorating
  • FREE curtains for eligible tenants
  • and more


Which kind of landlord are you?


Warm Up NZ: Healthy Homes Insulation Subsidies

If you are a landlord with low-income tenants with health needs, funding is available to you to insulate your properties under the Warm Up NZ: Healthy Homes programme.

If your rental property:

  • Was built before 1 January 2000 and;
  • Your tenant(s) has a valid Community Services card and;
  • At least one occupant is under 17 years, over 65 years or has verifiable health needs

Then you (the landlord) may be eligible to receive the ENERGYWISE™ funding of up to 50% towards the total costs of the insulation.

Council ‘Retrofit Your Home’ programme

The Auckland City Council is offering financial assistance to property owners to improve the quality of the housing stock throughout the wider Auckland region. The funding support is provided by allowing insulation to be paid off via your regular council rates payments over a period of nine years. Conditions apply.

Read More at : Auckland City Council Retrofit Your Home Programme